Pay For your Lessons


Pay for your lessons weekly in advanced

FEES; 2 hrs Class 7-9pm: £5.50 per Lesson

FEES; 1 hr Class 7-9pm: £5.50 per Lesson

FEES; 1 hrs Class 7-8pm: £3.50 per Lesson

Pay for your Membership

£15.00 per Year

Lessons paid for but not attended are un refundable


I agree and understand that by participating in this karate group or any other that I may join under the banner of ono karate kyōkai that I do so at my own risk and that during any exercise classes, especially Martial arts, that there may be physical contact and risk of light injuries from time to time and will not hold the instructor/s responsible for the performance of their duties within the normal boundaries of that duty and instruction. I also agree that I shall take out and upkeep any specific insurance policies that may be offered to me for my own protection and that of other people in the training area. I agree to inform the class instructor of any other health problems which I feel the class instructor should be aware of prior to any lesson. 

WARNING: If you have any health problems please consult your GP or Specialist Health Care Professional and get their consent prior to participating in the kind of exercise class you are enrolling for.